domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono

This was one of the quotations that led our 11th graders to debating the importance of music in our lives and its role in a better world.

Inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine song, they created their own poems in which a fearless world is possible.
Imagine Earth as a land of dreams
No differences, the same rights
Where everything is as it seems
Men and women are alike
There is no background, no life patterns
You build your own path
Nothing else matters
Imagine a world with no boundaries
Your imagination is free to go
You get through your barriers
Happiness is what your eyes show.
Class A 11th Form
Imagine that you could fly
and all your roads would become the sky.
No wars. No fighting.
Imagine your words would flow,
And music was the only letters you’d know.
All the plants would grow,
And all the flowers would show.
Imagine equality and justice holding hands
And all the cultures as friends.
Classes B, C 11th Form

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